There is no reason or season to adorn yourself with the timeless beauty of kajal. May what come and advancements in the field of make up and styling is done the importance of kajal remains to be the same. Be it for your daily use needs or any party or office wear kajal continues to stand rock solid and answer all your needs of getting dressed up. However the kajals that are present in the market either are loaded with chemicals and harm your eyes or get smudged or do not give the desired results.

The ray of hope is the kajal from Bella Voste that is devoid of chemicals, minerals oil, paraffin, preservatives, and animal derived ingredients. It gives long lasting (up 10 hrs) effects and is water proof and smudge proof. Approved by dermatologist and opthalmalogist and has been made in Germany confirming the American, European and Japanese standards. Enriched with jojoba oil sand blends well after application.

Available in many shades i choose this four shades for myself namely:
1] French roast- The color in brown tone to suit the very fair ones as it will look good on eyes and not highlight the dark circles. Even if you have green eyes this is the best option. Easy to apply
2] Grand rapids- The color in shade of green
3] Rose wine- The shades of maroon to compliment medium, olive or tanned complexion and apt for any eye balls.
4] Royal breeze- For the dark skinned ones playing with shade of blue creates the drama. Bay blues can try this shade to add the oomph factor on your looks.

The kajals are easy to apply high coverage kajal that is reasonably priced. It creates a statement and make you look beautiful. Just draw a upper lid stroke starting from the inner corner of the eyes and extending outwards. Repeat the same for the lower eyelid as well.



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43 Responses

  1. Sumita says:

    All the shades are too good love your honest review

  2. Wow… This Kajal looks really awesome, thanx for this post.

  3. Monika bhatia says:

    All shades are superb but Royal Breeze is my favourite .

  4. Humaira says:

    Lovely post! Bella Voste kajal range seems to be of good quality products. Great review.

  5. Ruchi Verma says:

    All looks great but loved Rose vine the most

  6. Mrinal says:

    I have the bella voste kajal in the shade french roast! It is totally amazing! Love all the shades

  7. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Even in makeup, I love Kajal the most and love to try different shades and brands for that perfect look. This brand seems really cool with amazing shades they are offering.

  8. OMG.. chemical free colored kajals! These look so good that I want to try these immediately.

  9. Jhilmil says:

    What if I say same pinch? I too love this Kajal for the awesome work it does to make our eyes pretty.

  10. Judy says:

    Have heard a lot about these bell Voste kajal hues. Would love to try soon.

  11. Preetjyot Kaur says:

    Royal breeze is such a cool colour. Thanks for sharing your feedback about these.

  12. Bushra Khan says:

    I love KAJALS! love the colours! would love to try these soon

  13. Dipika Singh says:

    I am big time fan of Kajal or Kohl, these colors are too good and look subtle of skin. Would love to try them for sure.

  14. Rashmi says:

    I have these all lovely shades . The quality of Kajalis really good.

  15. Snehalata says:

    Totally amazing shades they are would like to try soon

  16. Snehalata says:

    Totally amazing shades they are would like to try soon

  17. Papri Ganguly says:

    These kajals look pretty amazing, will love to try out .

  18. Such an amazing review.Bella Voste kajal has nice shades.

  19. Amrita says:

    What beautiful tints.I love brown kajal.

  20. All the shades are so pretty and pigmented… I like the last blue shade one..

  21. Vishal says:

    Such an amazing review.

  22. Mona Gadhiya says:

    So…nice review n lovely shades

  23. Sonali Sonawane says:

    Nice shades and you looks beautiful,

  24. Megha Jain says:

    Nice review and amazing shades. Definitely try this. You also look beautiful.

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