Is play school necessary for kids

Play school is a necessity for those parents who can’t afford enough time for their kids. Kids in their growing stage need lot of attention of their parents or guardian to learn basic things. Play school plays vital role in developing certain basic things which prepares a kid for his or her upcoming events in life.

Role of Play School

In a play school they meet new friends and learn how to communicate with each other. They learn to share and play with each other and get accustomed to school.

Play schools provide play-based learning which is easier to grasp for kids. They are kept engaged for a particular period of time with different activities. These activities increase flexibility and potential for learning in later life. Play school is just like an outdoor physical play which helps children to socialise, regulate their behavior and learn to adapt.

In earlier days children used to grow in a joint family where they were surrounded with different people. Their surrounding usually teaches them the basic things of life like building relationships, resolving conflicts, negotiating
their interests etc to become socially competent. Nowadays children grow in nuclear families where both parents may be working. In these circumstances play schools play a vital role in shaping up the behavioral and moral attitude of a kid.

The early years learning puts deep impact in a child’s life which makes them confident to deal with their future. In play children usually learn feelings of success, curiosity, openness, concentration, creativity and failure. In play
schools children are provided with physical, cultural and creative learning. Cultural learning includes music, song, dance, physical learning like swimming, drills, sports and creative learning like painting, acting, rhyming etc. All these open a path for a child to know his or her interest and help parents to recognize their inner skill and potential. Every child is unique, have their own interests and ways to learn.

Play schools are meant for learning only not focused on any competition or tests. Children learn to follow the rules at home, play school and in relationships in general. Parents can share their free time with their children after they come from play school. By this kids won’t feel neglected and they get lot of things to share with their parents. In this connection role of play school can’t be neglected.

It’s quite obvious to see some kids easily mingle with others while some are too home sick and attached to their parents so much that they refuse to leave them for a minute. Play- schools help them to overcome this fear of separation. The basic idea behind admitting a child into a play school is to make him/her ready to get into a desired school to have a bright future.

Pre schools make parenting easier. Its main aim is to keep children busy in learning while playing. Rather than reading and writing play schools focus on teaching children through observation and imitation. Trained persons in play schools understand the developmental stages of a child and what he or she is capable of. It’s the duty of parents to cross check the qualification of the person running the play school.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

By-Albert Einstein


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Dear school, I hate you , you are not kid’s friendly, The new generation school

Every other day there are news popping up in the newspaper regarding the crimes committed against our munchkins in the school premises. We try to overcome the fear from one incident and get our little off to school and yet another devastating news makes the headline. Where are we leading to. Let us peep in the situation and try to analyse what is going wrong rather than just playing the blame games.

A school is a place where a child spends the maximum waking hours of the day. The child goes to school to learn, get the education and become a good citizen of the country. Parents send their children to school with all the trust that the school will take care of the child safety and security. With so many incidents happening, where the children are killed, it is a matter great concern.

Are our children safe in school? How do we ensure the security of the children when they are on the school premises? To safeguard the security of the children and students it has to be a teamwork of the school and the parents so that the children go safely to school and come home happy. Working together towards the safety of the kids would never give a child a chance to say I hate you School.

There are a few simple measures which a school should keep in mind to ensure the safety of the children they are as follows-

1) The school premises should have only one entry/exit. If it does have other gates, it should be locked and its use should be totally banned. Along with that, those extra gates should have security guards too.

2) The entry to bus area, gym, swimming pool, sports room, fields, canteens, toilets should be restricted to people whose presence in these places is utmostly required. For example- A canteen boy should not be seen on the sports field or a bus driver should not be there near the library or swimming pool. The school staff should be instructed not to loiter in an anywhere in the school. This would prevent in decreasing the chances of mishaps.

3) CTV cameras should be installed in such a way that it would cover all the critical areas of the school premises. The entrance of the toilets should necessarily have a CCTV camera but to ensure the dignity of the students CCTV should not be allowed inside the toilet.

4) Every staff and teacher hired in the school should be done after many strict levels of scrutiny and verification. The school should also ensure that all the people being hired for different works in the school should go through an interview with a counselor so that the management gets a psychological feedback about the person. They should also be trained to work in sync to ensure the ethics and values of the school.

5) The world is going digital. Apart from the buses having a GPS navigation the badges of the school which the children wear mandatorily should be installed with a navigational GPS chip and the parents should be able to track when and where the children are. Many expensive and big schools are doing it but it should be a mandatory law made by the government for every big and small school across the country.

Apart from the school, there are some things which the parents need to teach the children. The children should be treated as friends and parents should devote some time every day to talk to the children about all the happenings in the school. The children should not hesitate to share the whereabouts of the school with their parents. this would help the parents know if anything is going wrong in school.

The parents also need to teach the children the difference between the good touch and bad touch. The children should know that they should react and ask for help if they are being touched wrongly.

A few easy and simple measures of the school and parents as a team will help a child gain education, make use of it to serve the country. The children should love their school as they got to spend around 12-13 years of their lives there. Let us try to make it the best place for them.

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How to teach your kids the importance of MONEY

The financial skills are an integral and important part of life still the schools do not teach the value of money to kids. Thus as parents these responsibilities comes on to us. To help our children live a life that is financially fit we need to
teach them the value of money. We need to teach them the importance of money as per their age. Gradually bigger concepts need to be introduced. As early as at the age of seven the kids need to be introduced to the concept of money.

Turning your day to day activities in to the learning experience, can help you to teach your kids the value of money. It could be a visit to the fruit market give them 10 rupee note and ask them to buy a fruit of their choice. The concept or let us say the skill that they would use to buy the fruit will lay the stepping stone to their knowledge of money, spending, choosing, saving and sadly the most important factor the loss of forgone alternative.

Loss of forgone alternative is an economic concept that specifies the loss of a commodity that a person had to face as he spent the amount on other commodity. This concept will play in the kid’s mind like he could buy guava or orange with the money. Buying one would keep him away from the other and at the same time there would be something that he actually wants to buy but has to avoid due to cash constraints.

Parents are the biggest influence on kids financial behavior so the sole responsibility lays vested upon us as how we bring them up as mindful consumers, investors, savers and givers.

One thing that you always need to instigate in the mind of your child is that he has to wait till he buys something or he has to earn or save before he buys something. Earn in its literal term will not be taken it refers that the child by his behavior or good deeds will have to earn the reward for the thing that he desires to buy. Money lessons that have been instilled in the kids at their formative years sets the tone for future.

Get your child three jars one for spending, one for sharing and one for saving. This will help them to allocate the money they have. Once they have enough money in the saved they can get a pricey toy or from the spending jar they eat ice cream or anything. Important is sharing jar as to with whom they share their siblings, friends or charity. This will draft them as better person who has compassion for others and comes forward to help others. Inculcating this value in them will go long way to make them worthwhile for humanity.

Also teach them the importance of the fact that money is finite but wants and desires are not. So at every stage of life they need to learn to make choices. While making the budget ask their suggestions also and explain them about their so made decision. Ask them about your decision of saving for their education or family vacations and other such things.

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How to give kids TECH free Environment

The other my 10 year child came home complaining severe headache. The pain was
so severe that she was unable to lift her head even to ear meals. I panicked and
reached out for the doctor who could identify any issues so recommended an eye
specialist. We went for the examination and to our surprise her first question was
how much time does your child spends on the mobile or tab. She did not do any test
it was this one question and an affirmative answer from our side concluded about
the disease and its cure. Simple the doctor said that the time spent on the screen
should be reduced.
However the doctor did her job, but letting your child not sit in front of the screen or
taking the gadget away from the child is a herculean task for mothers. We are
preoccupied by work or let us say if we want to feed the child we put the gadget in
front of the child and we are sorted. We apply the negative and positive aspect of
upbringing together. This concept or let us say the methodology is wrong. A bad
habit can never eradicate another bad habit. Therefore it is important to have set
rules of upbringing, but remember kids are kids and they do not follow the rules so it
is important to inculcate the good traits in them via practice. If you plat games or
surf the net your child will do the same rather read a book to your child to find the
answer and see your child will do the same. Kids are good at imitating thus give them
something good to imitate. Inculcate the habit of reading in them and see them
becoming bookworms. Rather than playing games on the screen play it on the
ground or park. If there is no space for outdoor games get some indoor games and
see their brain developing and reasoning skills improving. Parenting is a full time task
and you cannot let that piece of technology take your place in terms of time spent
with child. If there are kids in your apartment or locality organize play dates with
them. This would entertain your child and other kids also. Moreover the hazards that
technology can put in your kids life can be reduced.
It is not easy but it is not difficult also and owing to the benefits and its importance
on improving your bond with your child it is definitely a must. Your child grows in a
big community learning from different people and has real friends rather than virtual
friend. The child learns to stay in a real environment with real happiness and smile
rather than just fictitious environment where he plays with an unknown mind. The
child learns to communicate and the importance of expressions in his life.

Today is the era technology and it is important to teach the kids the healthy
concepts of using digital technology. Media and digital devices are an integral part of
our society. They are beneficial if used in moderation but can impose risks when
used without any rationing. Keep the face to face communications on and do not get
lost behind the lights of media and technology.


The Yelling MOM and the Pleading CHILD

The bundle of joy, the precious gift from God our little munchkins! We adore them we wait desperately and anxiously for their arrival. The nine months of the waiting period is filled with baby showers, pregnancy photo shoot, baby moon vacations and the endless fears that the baby is caused no harm. We preserve the stem cells so as to protect our babies from the remote chances of their being affected by diseases. We also make all plans for the safe arrival of our child in this world but do we ever think about their upbringing or the kind of parents we will become to our munchkins?
Ponder over the fact we are just thinking about the bright side, our expectations are sky high we dream of living in a picture perfect life but this is fictitious. Now lets face the real picture or let us admit the ugly picture. As the child enters the world, the mad race begins. Norms are set how that one day or two day child should look or behave. You may think I am exaggerating but stop and rewind to day of the arrival of your childbirth.
The neighbor of your mother in laws sister had a normal delivery so you are bound to have the same. Your child should enter the world through vaginal delivery and if not the first disappointment comes. Then that third cousin of your husband delivered a 3.5 kg child so your child should weigh the same but again a disappointment your child is healthy but weighs only 2.5 kg. The competition is endless the time the child rolls, or starts to teeth or responds or walks and sits, or laughs. A great matter of comparison how the child eats or what the child eats.
We do not enjoy the parenting journey but we live under the continuous fear of lacking behind. The competition worsens when the child enters the world of education. A vicious cycle, competition as of learning one single rhyme or action starts. Your child learned mine also has to learn. A child who cannot understand what does learning means is asked to memorize a number of poems. All efforts are just to
get admission in some elite school of the town. A status symbol in which school your child studies. The best school, the best university, the best degree, the best job, the best salary. We have become obsessed with these thinks that we leave no stone upturned to get there. Rewarding or yelling or beating, all levels of pressure is made on the child to see him excelling in life. The child is small just do not parent the child or up bring him but bring with some love nurture the child. Trust the capabilities of your child. All children are not same they their own dreams and aspirations. Let the child be himself let him enjoy under your shade. Do not spank him or yell at him, it will only hamper his growth. The child
will grow with a slow esteem, a constant fear will encompass him. It is sad to see this video that has gone viral on the social media, how the mother is brutally hitting and shouting at the child whereas the child is all tears and is try to fight her mom. It is humble request that the future of our country should
be brought up with love and care and not yelling. Think and take a wise decision till then,

Happy  Parenting!

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Nurturing children

50 years ago, a large amount of parents were deprived of education and belongs to lower middle class family , But in spite of all the attempts these parents managed to survive and led their children towards higher education, some became doctors, engineers, Architect, professor, scientist and many other fields their children achieved the highest achievement. Those parents who helped their children  to succeed in life can be positioned to a “A” Class Category, these “A” class parents are very supportive and  hardworking, most of the parents went school bare foot, being at home they do used to do Farming to feed their family, bring drinking water to home after travelling a great distance, Children of these parents are used to help their parents in their daily jobs along with their routine studies, they also belongs to “A” class category of children with the spend of the time those a class category children became the B class parents

The reason behind becoming the B class category parents from A class children are mentioned below

  • Parent’s did taught their children to be as hardworking as they, they nurtured their children with lot of love and affection, and fulfill all their demands.
  • School Homework which were supposed to be done by their children were sufficed by the parents and this process continues from primary to higher secondary school.
  • Parents got their children admitted to most expensive school/college in their city. To travel at their school/colleges children got of facility car and driver all time ready available, this situation never made them realize how much effort their parents have undertaken while going to their school.
  • To meet the daily expenses children were provided packet money as per their demand, they were given freedom to go to club, movies hall, attend parties, without the consent of their parents and they were never restricted to spend money.
  • These children never provide domestic support to their parents nor even do they do any kind of job outside of home.
  • These children were served food on their dining table either by their parents or the helping staff at their home, even after having food they dint even put their dishware in the kitchen for washing, that also done by parents or helping staff.
  • These children never managed to build up the self and inner confidence because they never faced any warfare in their life, all work were shared by their parents on their behalf, they never got the opportunity to face the problem whether small or major, as their parents were standing beside them to act as a shield and guard them from any difficulty.

Being nurtured in such a way these “B”  class children becomes so much inefficient that they never get settled in their life even after attaining the age of 30 , they still remain dependable on their parents,

A severe gap has been created between the A class parents and B class parents,  A Class parents can manage to live their life smoothly in other case b class parents cannot take care of themselves and their children are least interest to take care their parents. The biggest problem with B class parents is that they don’t become so capable to do something for society. Children of these class wants to live independently, they don’t bother about their parents how they will survive after retirement, and these make the entire journey of parents a “HELL”

If you want your children to become A class category parents then do take care of the following points.

  • Don’t ever do love and affection beyond a certain limit, let them face their problem and handle the situation, that will build confidence in them.
  • Try to build confidence to make them strong so they could face any kind of situation without of your help that is possible when you let them face their problem personally, you just have to be a torchbearer for them, let them decide what should technique they should follow to solve their problem so they will manage to build self confidence.
  • Let them discover their inner self talent, what are they capable of, let them decide.
  • Always teach tem good lesson, teach them about your God you follow , teach them to respect elders,
  • Teach them their duty towards society, your country, world, and how to fulfill their duty, they should be given knowledge on these subjects.
  • After grown up they should not only become rich but also being social towards to society.
  • If your child follows discipline then only they can become a good citizen.
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