This Women’s day do not just celebrate womanhood but help women grow

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Two women can never be friends, or rather two of a trade seldom agrees. However with so many dynamic changes coming let us change this one norm for betterment. Women can lift up each other and not tear each other down and only then this world becomes a better place to live in. This is the time for women as we collectively rock politics, medicine, education , arts, business with our women strong wisdom, compassion and collaboration.

But only and only if women stop being harsh to their gender we can become a truly unstoppable force. All women in the house please admit who has not casted or suffered the sting of a woman’s snarky comment.

Women are capable to heap an avalanche of abuse, discrimination and incivility on one another, from the kitchen to boardrooms. We often come across women who on face say cool to one another but make snide comments and even ridicule and shame them.

But hey gorgeous on the other side we are better than this and definitely deserve better than this. There is a super woman in all of us and this woman’s day lets unleash her this year to support one another and help her grow. As we support and empower each other we all grow big and beautiful inside out. The world is shouting for us to grow big.

But how do we achieve this goal of helping and growing, here are are a few ways to help us achieve this goal:
A) Shine a light on the shadows- If a fellow woman is sad and distressed try to pull her up and lend her the shoulder on which she can shed her tears. Have a candid game changing conversation about it and support her do not shatter her further.

B) Live from your own incredible worth- Pull yourself up to achieve success and do not push someone down to block their way to success. To do good, to raise the roof, to be kind, to change the world for betterment, be a superstar and let others also shine. Do not envy others rather try to maintain a beautiful bond of sisterhood.

C) Advocate zero tolerance- Whether or we agree we all are tolerating the abusive behavior and talk among the women. We are either bullying or being bullied and its time to do away with. Be clear about how you want yourself to be treated, be authentic and respectful.

D) Be kind to each other- Each women is fighting her own fights do not ridicule her. She be at home looking after her family or running a multi national company or doing absolutely nothing, it is her life and let her decide the course of actions no one has the right to judge her or point out things to her. She is incredible the way she is and has her own issues to deal with so be kind towards her and accept her that way or just let her go.

E) Applaud a woman’s success- Do not be jealous of another woman’s success she has achieved it do not degrade it by giving the attributes to excuse. Success is hard to achieve and requires great deal of mechanics to work up and achieve success, but then it is totally worth it to applaud her and motivate her. Help her to achieve success and also celebrate the success.

We should strive to reach to our potential while embracing her values and desires. She is kind and is blessed with great sense of humor.

I introduce my fellow blogger Farhat Ansari, who blogs at justinquisitive, a girl who loves to write about her travels, anecdotes from her life. I would urge my readers to do give her next post on womanhood a read and share their views!

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28 Responses

  1. Jhilmil says:

    What a beautiful post Priyanka, I so much that it is a woman who can lift up any woman. Indeed zero tolerance is something we all need to practise and preach as well.

  2. upasna says:

    A must-read for every woman out there. We need to bring each other up. #AlexaTheIncredible and #womenbloggerwb.

  3. Dipika Singh says:

    Very well written post and true to the virtue. Women are good at all things it’s just that we need space & little postivity to grow and prosper.

  4. All your points are so well curated in one post. Very well written

  5. Sumita says:

    Very well written love to read it

  6. Megha Jain says:

    What a lovely thoughts of you. Your every post is amazing.

  7. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  8. Varsh says:

    Women can give each other strength and help grow if they get over petty differences. This post is so well-written, Priyanka. Agree with your points completely.

  9. Hena Jose says:

    So true, if as women we supported each other, then nothing can stop us from succeeding. Well written post

  10. Mrinal says:

    I so feel you! It’s high time we let go of jealousy and start looking up to one another… We need to be more compassionate towards our own gender

  11. This is really an inspiring post. Helping each other solves many of the problems. I completely agree to this “we should strive to reach to our potential while embracing her values and desires. “

  12. Totally love the way you write this post. Only one women can understand other women’s problem and perspective.

  13. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Beautifully written post for the upliftment and betterment of women across the nation.

  14. You’ve pointed out the issues really well. However I’m glad to admit that I personally follow most of what you’ve highlighted in the article. Amazing read!

  15. Alexx bloom says:

    Great points you talked about , I mean we live in a world which have great opportunities and so much more to share . So with respect we should love each other .

  16. Shaila says:

    Such a well thoughtout post, such a good read to motivate

  17. Nidhi KM says:

    That’s well said. There are so many ways by which we can support each other. A single support can help a person exponentially

  18. Charu says:

    Applauding another woman’s success is very very important. And we need to support each other for sure

  19. Bushra Khan says:

    Love this! It is true indeed that a woman should have a womans back everytime! Well written

  20. When you share other’s success, it becomes your own success. Loved reading this post

  21. That’s such a beautiful thought .. Lovely reading this post..

  22. Sonali Sonawane says:

    Love your writing, love reading.

  23. Farhat says:

    It’s a great article. We women really need solidarity and support from one another. We need to lift each other up. It was really nice reading your post.

  24. Priyanka , I do agree and happy that you really follow the words written in post . I see you helping others even me and live up for own identity and passion. Love the post

  25. i think that’s a steller post. every woman needs to read this and we need to empower each other.

  26. Snehalata says:

    Lovely post, it’s so good to know ur views

  27. Divya Sharma says:

    Beaitiful post Priyanka. Marking a step towards new friendship directions. Cheers!

  28. This is an awesome for womens day.. Cheers

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