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Hi to everyone.
I am Priyanka Patwari!

I believe that that life is a journey. A journey that teaches you. I joined facebook 8 years back just like others did to get in touch with my old friends. However I realized that it was a small perception of facebbok. It was bigger than this and it just helped me to achieve so many things in life. It helped me to grow and flourish. It gave me the wings to fly.

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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

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Girls are crazy about dresses that is a known fact and the birthday dress has special importance in their life. My daughter who is just a month shy of 4 years was going frantic about her birthday dress and wanted the best dress from the market. Read more


The best Summer Deodorants and Perfumes to mask your body odour

Imagine this! It’s 9 AM when you walk into your workplace and your colleagues start dispersing here and there because you smell like a fish. Well, taking a shower each morning with a medicated soap is a must for you and so is stocking up on some nice and fragrant deos and perfumes ​to amp your fragrance game this summer. Here is a list of 5 perfumes and deo sprays that you can buy..

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Best Place to Visit in Jaipur

Jaipur is a beautiful city with a lot of mesmerizing and beautiful places. It is also fondly called as pink city because of its city architect design which was very well planned and highly advanced during that period that why it is very much loved by tourists around the globe. This beautiful place is the perfect family destination where everyone can have fun and good time.
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There is no reason or season to adorn yourself with the timeless beauty of kajal. May what come and advancements in the field of make up and styling is done the importance of kajal remains to be the same. Be it for your daily use needs or any party or office wear kajal continues to stand rock solid and answer all your needs of getting dressed up. However the kajals that are present in the market either are loaded with chemicals and harm your eyes or get smudged or do not give the desired results.Read more



Earlier in the 70s or the 80s it was parents who used to decide about marriages and the kids used to nod and tie the knots. The couple would get to know regarding each other after marriage or lets say even see each other for the first time during the marriage and they had wonderful relationships. They would grow old with each other and enjoy their relationship thoroughly. Read more


My Parents Are my responsibilities!! why it is not applicable in both Gender..

It is a universal fact or accepted fact that it is boys who are deemed to take the responsibility of parents. In the Indian society the birth of boy is celebrated and a girl is celebrated with a grudge in minds. Rather it will not be an exaggeration to say that almost 100% of the brides are blessed to have baby boys and not girls. A boy is considered as an investment or asset but girls nothing more than liability.
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Save Girl Child

I was the princess of my house, any wish that I had was command for my father. I was pampered and was loved by all. My brother or my mom everybody adored me. For my grannies I was the apple of their eyes or the shinning star and they fondly called me Lakshmi of the house. We were given a very beautiful upbringing with moral values instilled in us. We were always told to support the good and stand up against the evil. Still whatever I wanted was given to me be it a new dress or permission to go for outings with friends but yes there was a code of conduct to be followed.
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